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 Are you or someone that you love infested with head or pubic lice. You don't have to feel alone or be ashamed. Over 4 million cases of head and public lice are reported each year. Have you tried treating your children's heads for lice, over and over again? Have you combed and picked till your ready to scream (or worse: thought about cutting all that beautiful hair off?!?!!?)  Are you tired of constantly washing your bedding to get rid of head lice and nits?  Lice Doctor has amazing news! You're done. You can be completely rid of lice in your home in as little as 45 seconds (or you could leave it on all night if you had really resistant bugs because it is that safe!)....from you or your children's hair and from bedding and clothes. It's soooo easy with Lice Doctor™.Buy NOW

Just massage our gentle solution into your scalp or other effected area and allow to set for as little as 45 seconds. That's it. REALLY!

You'll be given a generous 8oz. bottle of Lice Doctor™. No more than 4oz. will be needed for cleaning for an adult or 2 children. The balance can be added 2oz. per load of laundry on hot for complete annihilation.

Lice are spread by personal contact and through shared combs, hats, clothing, bedding, and other personal items.  Body lice carry the organisms that cause relapsing fever, trench fever, and typhus.  Head lice may cause impetigo.  Both are spread easily under close conditions, especially among children (school, Day care, etc.). You can even get them at movie theaters, airline seats, churches, riding in publicplaces or other peoples cars!  Does you family want to be rid of these bugs now?

Relief is here.  Lice Doctor™ will get rid of all lice and their eggs(nits) in one treatment.  It is the strongest, most effective lice treatment available.  Kills lice that have built up resistance to current products on the market.    

No more exposing your children to the dangerous chemicals used in the past, only to find that you have to repeat the process over and over again.  You will save the money you have to constantly spend on treatments and laundry detergent.  Lice Doctor™ will end this cycle forever!

Lice Doctor™ is a ground breaking discovery in the treatment of head lice.  We have spent over six years on researching and developing this treatment. It is extremely safe for humans and the environment.  Much more so, than the currently used chemicals. 

This miracle product works quickly to rid the hair of live head lice and their eggs.  You will be amazed and delighted at the results.  Lice Doctor™ is easy to use and gentle on the hair and scalp.  The length of time required to rid lice and their eggs is less than former products and the result is exceptionally better.  

Massage Lice Doctor™ into the scalp and leave on for as little as 45 seconds.  Shampoo the oil out of the hair. That's it!  After rinsing out the treatment, apply our Lice Doctor™ again the next day to effectively and safely protect the hair against future infestations.

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Two Kits ONE FREE!!

Lice Doctor™ Buy two complete kits, get one free. Only $70.00  "Family Pack" Save over $45 includes FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING


Q.  What are head lice?

Head lice (Pediculus capitis) are small parasitic insects adapted to living mainly on the scalp and neck hairs of their human host. They are small (about the size of a period at the end of this sentence. They are annoying, they itch, they eat blood like a mosquito, defecate on your scalp, and they are disgusting.

Q.  What is a nit?

Nits are eggs that are laid by the louse. They are usually transclucent in color and are oval shaped. They are VERY hard to see and that is why treatments that only address lice alone aren't enough. They hatch in about 12 days and become reproductive in 7 more days. They attach themselves to the hair shaft with a strong glue. Lice Doctor™ has properties in it that dissolve the glue.

Q.  Who is susceptible to the lice infestation?

A.  EVRYONE is. There are no socio-economic barrier with head lice. Children are the most susceptible because they are more likely to have close contact in homes, playgrounds, schools, kindergartens and daycare centers.  Adults may become infested without being aware of it and can become a source of infestation to others.

Q.  How do I know if I have lice?

A.   The best place to look for them is behind the ears and by the nape of the neck...anywhere where hair is concentrated (if in a frequent pany tail wearer; look at the base of the pony tail). You can tell whether you have head lice by looking closely through the hair and scalp for nits, nymphs and adults.  The presence of adult lice or nits confirms positive infestation.  You may also notice fine black powder on pillows.  This is lice feces.  Other signs and symptoms that may occur are frequent head tickling and itching caused by allergic reactions to bites which can become infected. 

Q.  What can I do to get rid of lice?

A.  Good thing you asked! :) Massage Lice Doctor™ into scalp or pubic area.  Leave on for 45 seconds to kill all lice (resistant ones may take longer - depending on your case).  Shampoo, rinse .  After rinsing, you can apply Lice Doctor™ and leave in to deter new lice from re-infesting for 3 days. That's every time.

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Two Kits ONE FREE!!

Lice Doctor™ Buy two complete kits, get one free. Only $70.00  "Family Pack" Save over $45 includes FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

Our Guarantee:

Lice Doctor™, from North Coast, backed by our unconditional one-year guarantee.  No questions and no hassles.  If for any reason you are not 110% satisfied with any product that Northrop produces, return the unused portion anytime within a full year for a 100% money back refund. 

Unsolicited Testimonials:

We have received thousands letters and emails from customers over the last two years.  Here's what a few of our customers say about Lice.  These are quotes from just a few, published with the customers permission.

     Kerri Hulman OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA  "Hi there. We are so thankfoul for your product. My daughter caught head lice from a girlfriend that she plays with. By the way, you can use any of this information as a testimonial. I will tell EVERYONE about Lice Dr. Anyway, my daughter is 10 and she got lice but this is not the first time. She has gotten it before (from a different friend). We tried everything tha tis out there and even things that I found on the internet like mayonayse and shaving cream. We even got a prescription from the doctor ant THAT didn't work! These must be super lice or something. Well, I dinally found you on the internet and found you. It is a miracle! My daughter had been lice free for almost a year now!!! She still plays with her friend but I am not worried. At first I didn't know whether to trust you or not because I was scepticle. You guys are the greatest thing that I have come accross. It killed the lice and the nit DEAD! I can't tell you how greatful I am. I even bought some for my daughters friend to take home and use. It worked! The girls are lice free! thank you so much, Denise ".

     Rhonda W. (I can't put my full name because my daughter is 13 and she thinks the whole world would find out), Kettering, Ohio"I can not that you enough for such an amazing cure! My two daughters (and I) have been dealing with this "problem" for a little over 2 years. I had bought everything that could remotley pertain to lice killing. I have used all kinds of home remedies and nothing worked. I did a search on the internet and saw the 2 doctors and thought that you were my only hope...and you were! I ordered this phenomenal product and it works! I couldn't contain my emotions (I know it sounds stupid to be emotional over this but if yourealized what we have gone through...). I was beyond excited when I saw the lice dying! I immediatley told my sister who had foster kids that had lice before about Head Lice Doctors. I can't believe you were able to finally come up with something that works! You deserve the Nobel prize or are emotional lifesavers! Thank you once again THANK YOU"

     Amy Marinda, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX "I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate what your lice treatment has done for my family. We had a complete nightmare going on here with the lice problem. We could not get rid of them and they just would not go way. I picked the girls hair for hours and hours on end. Sometimes they would even fall asleep and I would still be picking as they were sleeping. Of course I was tired two and was unable to see straight after awhile, but I did the best that I could. With my entire family and friends that we have, we probably sent lice back and forth for about eight months. I can't even imagine how much money we spent on Nix and rid and Clear lice egg removal - and the worst part is they don't even work. I was at my wits and when I finally found you on the Internet. I did not know whether to believe you guys are not but I was so desperate that I thought I would give anything a try. You would not believe the difference your product is made of my life. By using your treatment the lice and nits are completely gone or dead!it has been about three months now and we are completely lice free. When they had the lice checked at school, everyone was very nervous, but the check came and went in there completely free of any type of lice are nits. We can't thank you enough for inventing the stuff. I shouldn't be telling you this, but your product is well were so money and I would've paid more knowing that it was going to do a great job that it did. Thank you! Thank you!! thank you!!!"

     Sandi Chiapetti, Ft. Myers, FL "I'm not sure what to tell you other than THANK YOU! I don't really know what to say because everyone else's said, similar things that we would say. I will to you that we are very close to cutting all my daughters hair off in order to get rid of all these lice. We really did not know that there was any other way, because we had tried everything else that was out there and spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Or none of that worked. But much to our amazement your product actually worked and we are completely without lice are nits!if you are a mother out there that is reading this you have to believe me that this product works. The over-the-counter products at the pharmacy do not work, this one does. Take my advice, do not go through the pain and suffering that we went through."

     Mary Jansen, Seattle, WA"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your lice Doctor has saved my sanity!
I have three daughters, all with daughters themselves seven, in all. The amazing thing is that all three of my daughters are in different school districts yet the granddaughters had all gotten head lice last year in school. Maybe there is something in our family that attracts lice I don't know. We had been battling this problem for over a year. We tried everything on the market over and over and over, including prescription products and crazy things on the Internet like rubbing nannies in your hair. We tried smothering the lice and that did not work. Nothing worked. We would all get together and try to get all seven girls together and my daughters and I would can constantly check and recheck through every single hair and try to get every single nit. I am here to tell you that that is impossible to do at least in our situation. We took the bedding to the laundromat and made sure that every sheet and every pillow case and every blanket and comforter was washed in hot the hottest water with bleach and even that didn't work. My daughter started fighting on how to treat their children as one of the daughters wanted to cut the hair and insisted that the other girls consider the same option. I was absolutely desperate and just kept believing that there had to be something out there that would actually work.
So again, I went to the Internet and started looking at all these different web sites and trying to read up on head lice and all of the available remedies or leased the ones we hadn't tried yet. Of course we had ordered quite a few of themspending hundreds of dollars it seemed an those didn't work. I suppose I should have given up looking online, but I didn't and I finally found your site and thank God that I did. We ordered your product and figured it would just be one of many that didn't workbut we were very wrong. After all this time and trouble. I wish we would have gone to your site first, because yours is the only product that we have tried out of probably 30 or 40 that actually works!one of the things that really sold us about your product was the testimonials. And now here I am writing one. Your product is great because it's so easy to use and it doesn't smell in the greatest thing is we didn't have to worry about all they toxins and pesticides and poisons that are so dangerous and are out there. You are really saints.
Thank you for saving us from mental breakdown, and keeping my daughters from fighting, andand my granddaughters' hair!
God Bless,
Mary "

     Jenn Baughman, Baltimore, MD "You guys are lifesavers! my young daughter had head lice for seven months straight. Nothing work even though we tried to get rid of it with everything on the market. We tried olive oil and tea tree oil with a shower capand that did not work. We had washed and boiled hear combs and clips, and even pillowcases! we can't believe it but, because of your product, she doesn't have lice anymore, and it's going on five months. I still am paranoid about it and keep checking every day, but there has been no sign of anything and we cannot tell you how much we are grateful. I could not be more thrilled! Thank you so so much! the"

     Rachel Arredondo, Manvel, TX "I was horrified and embarrassed when I first discovered that I had had head lice. I knew I had to go to the storeto buy head lice solution, but I did not want to go where I might be known. So I drove to another town to buy rid, which was embarrassing even know I did not know anyone. The worst part is that the product didn't even work so I went back three more times to three different stores to get the same product because it didn't even worked the first time. to top it all off, even though I went back all those times it still did not work. I have very long and thick hair and I could not get any nit combed through it. I do not really have anyone that can look through my hair to see if I have lice are nits. So I really needed a product that could kill, not just the head lice but the nits also. I could not believe this was happening to me. I really do not know where I got them from. Using your product was a dream compared to the night. That I had been going through and using all the others that did not work. I did not have to pull my hair out and I did not have to have anyone looked through my hair. I am not sure why I did not think of you in the first place. The great thing is that I can order it and it gets shipped to my door in a lain box and I do not have to be embarrassed.I did have to pull out my hair trying to get nits, and I didn't have to wash all the sheets and towels and everything else. Thank you so much for your product it is fantastic! "

     Debbie V, Manhattan Beach, CA "At first I was put off by the price but after trying a bunch of other things that didn't work - I figured I would give yours a try. I can to you how happy I am that I did, because your product is actually worth twice what you charge, and you know why? Because it works!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product and the relief that it brought!"

     Erica Wu, Pompano Beach, FL " to be honest with you I was very skeptical about your product. I think I have used every product for head lice that is out there, and none of them seem to work. I had steam cleaned and vacuumed every rug, I have used insecticides from the stores, and I've spent days and days picking nits. That and I bagged every single item in the house and put it out in the garage in plastic bags. I have repeatedly washed every article of clothing and bedding and every thing made of cloth that can be seen. I think I have lost count of how many times I had to actually do that sort of ritual.
After about three weeks, we found new nits and lice and the whole process started again.
out of sheer desperation returned to the Internet and look started looking for alternative treatments. We found yours and frankly, it is amazing. We did not have to nitpick. We did not have to do extensive cleaning. We did not have to banish the stuffed animals and the like out to the garage in plastic bags. Nothing. Just put on your solution and it worked.
it has been three months since our last treatment. I can honestly tell you that we are completely lice and nits free. I had not realized how much time we were wasting in all those rituals that we were doing and how useless they were once we found your product. We cannot thank you enough. "

     Charity Cooper Sag Harbor, NY "your product actually worked and it is great! the best part about it was not having too constantly fight and cry with my seven-year-old to blow out every single nits. I am not sure for Missing one or two nits are not because it is almost impossible to have a child of that age sit still for long enough to look for their entire head. If you miss 1 little area of the head that you wind up having to start all over again because you're not sure if lice have crawled and laid eggs in the other part of the hair. We did end up cutting my daughters hair after trying a bunch of different home remedies that did not work. We cut it back down to her shoulder. Finally, we discovered your product and used it and it worked. You are lifesavers thank you so much."

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Theresa South, Lancaster, PA  "The product is fantastic. My grandaughter came home from nursery school with more than pictures. Her mother used a product in the pharmacy, bagged the animals etc. and still they existed. She was so frustrated and depressed over the situation that I went to the internet to find information. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You saved the sanity of the whole family. I am sorry everyone doesn't know about your product. I will recommend it to everyone who needs it."
Jesus R., Modesto, California""I appreciate the thought that someone was actually able to come up with something against these bugs. The bugs suck and your stuff works!"
Jan Underwood, Minnetex, TX "I felt it was too expensive at first. We were running out of ideas and I tried your remedy, and to our amazement, it worked like a charm! Considering what I have paid for various other lice remedies, yours wasn't expensive at all"
 Terri Sanders, Orlando, FL "I have heard terrible things about the bug-killing ingredients that are put into other items for head lice. Yours is completely safe AND IT WORKS!"

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